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World Ayahuasca Conference

May 31 – June 2, 2019 | Girona, Spain
Pre-events and workshops begin on May 27

World Ayahuasca Conference PlantTeachers

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Join us for AYA2019! This will be the third World Aya Conference and we anticipate over 1200 attendees from around the earth.

“AYA2019 will be more than a conference. It will be the largest event ever held about ayahuasca, one where our diverse community will come together to plant the seeds for a better future.
We invite you to join us in beautiful, historic Girona to celebrate the diversity of ayahuasca cultures, practices, art, film, and research.”

Join the visual journey of highly curated inspiring ayahuasca and visionary art from around the globe. From the far reaches of the Amazon to North America, to the European continent and beyond, we will bring together the luminous work of amazing international artists such as Luis Tamani and Amanda Sage.

Stay tuned for more info on the special art collections, music and cultural events!!!

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