Ashley Booth, MS

Ashley Booth, MS

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Ashley Booth, MS is a scientist, philosopher, and advocate, currently working as an oceanographer in Los Angeles. After years of working for environmental change, she experienced a radical paradigm shift through the use of psychedelics which ignited a passion for the awakening of human consciousness.

Shifting her focus from “How do we save the environment from humans?” to “How do we awaken humans to care about themselves, each other, and our home?” She believes that the mindful use of psychedelics is an important tool to be utilized in answering this question.

Ashley’s strength comes from combining a background in the sciences with a bigger and deeper view of humanity and the world. She inspires audiences to question what they’ve been told, do their homework, and form their own opinions.

She is the founder and producer of the Aware Project: Rethinking Psychedelics, an educational and advocacy event series based in Los Angeles. Her talks have been featured on both the Psychedelic Salon Podcast with Lorenzo Hagerty and the Entheogentic Evolution Podcast with Martin Ball.

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Panel Discussion:

Forces Behind the Movement – Presentation of Organizations
Panelist: Ashley Booth, MS

A representative from each organization will describe their organization, their mission and provide a status on current activities.

The Aware Project – Ashley Booth
Botanical DimensionsKathleen Harrison
ERIELarry Norris
GITAJohn Harrison
ICEERSBen De Loenen
MAPSBerra Yazar-Klosinski
NierikaAnja Loizaga-Velder 
Women’s Visionary CongressAnnie Oak
Moderator: Kenneth Tupper, PhD