Chris Kilham

Chris Kilham

Ayahuasca in the Media; Hacking the Cosmic Motherboard.

Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, and has explored traditional medicines and psychoactive plants for decades in over 45 countries. The author of fifteen books, his latest work is The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook, The Essential Guide to Ayahuasca Journeying. His best-selling yoga book, The Five Tibetans, is published in 27 languages.

Chris has practiced yoga daily and taught since 1970, and has studied with South American shamans since 1993. He drinks ayahuasca regularly in the Amazon. He is a chief, a fire walker, a former diplomat.

Chris is a FOX News correspondent featured in over 100 countries, is a regular guest on The Dr OZ Show, and appears on CNN, ABC, NBC, PBS, and numerous other TV networks. He has been featured in major media globally, including Newsweek, The New York Times, Outside Magazine, Psychology Today. CNN calls Chris “The Indiana Jones Of Natural Medicine.” Chris lives and works in western Massachusetts with his wife Zoe.

Presentation Abstracts:

Ayahuasca in the Media

Like a comet illuminating a night sky, ayahuasca is bursting open the minds of millions. Its effects are broad and far-reaching, and its popularity is soaring. Media outlets, from TV programs to magazines and newspapers, are covering this phenomenon, from the sacred to the absurd. Ayahuasca has been featured in National Geographic Adventure, Time Magazine, Newsweek, CNN, Vanity Fair, FOX News, The Washington Post, Discovery Channel, in at least a couple of full-length feature films, numerous documentaries, and in hundreds of other media venues. Click onto YouTube and you will find a wide variety of ayahuasca-related videos. Hundreds of web sites dedicated to ayahuasca have sprung up. In today’s parlance, ayahuasca has gone viral. The spirit of ayahuasca is reaching out in all directions, capturing hearts and minds with its siren song. We’ll explore the phenomenon of ayahuasca in the media, and delve into how and why this is happening now.

Hacking The Cosmic Motherboard

Ayahuasca, that profound plant potion from antiquity, enables one who journeys to hack the cosmic motherboard, to delve into existence beyond thought, ideation, definition or form, that trans-linguistic state prior to all programming, belief, or wired-in notions. With ayahuasca, we get to choose the psycho-neurological programs by which we live. Ayahuasca liberates the drinker from sick, archaic, manipulative, and fear-based programming, and enables them to enter into life as a free, liberated, spirit-imbued being.

More About Chris Kilham

“Long before religious institutions were numbing the minds of the masses with droning scriptures from dusty texts, ayahuasca was shattering the boundaries of reality among native people in the Amazon, opening them up, body, mind and spirit, to direct revelations and personal encounters with pure spirit. This is the promise of ayahuasca.” — Chris Kilham

Medicine Hunter

Started by Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter, Inc. is an integrated enterprise dedicated to expanding the field of natural, plant-based medicines. From expeditions and field research to TV appearances and training seminars for some of the world’s largest nutraceutical, cosmetic, beverage and food companies, we engage in a very broad range of activities to further this aim. Visit the Medicine Hunter website and the Medicine Hunter Facebook page.

Ayahuasca Test Pilots

Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook Cover Art

The Ayahuasca Test Pilots are a collaboration of individuals who engage in the ceremonial practice of ayahuasca journeying with skilled shamans. Founded by Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, our purpose is to journey for healing and to explore the spirit landscape, with dignity and respect for La Medicina. Zoe Helene, serves as “Co-Pilot”. Learn more about the Ayahuasca Test Pilots and visit the Ayahuasca Test Pilots Facebook page.

The Ayahuasca Test Pilots Handbook is available on

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