Cvita Mamic

Cvita Mamic

Healing with Plant Wisdom.

Cvita Mamic is a visionary artist, writer, and a co-founder of Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual Ayahuasca Healing Center in Peru. While working and living at Nihue Rao, she focuses her energies as a healer in the Shipibo tradition of shamanism.

Cvita brings her shamanic, educational, life and world travel experience to her practices and is a bridge across many divides – cultural, spiritual, and ethnic, to name but a few.






Presentation Abstract:

Finding Our Way In: Healing with plant wisdom

Ancient plant wisdom has played a role in healing for millenniums, but what does it really mean to heal with plant medicine?

When we form relationships with the plants through trust and intention, we can begin to explore our inner realms and personal truth.  When we immerse ourselves into the visionary world with intention, when we open to interpretations and when we dance with meaning, the plants begin to teach, sharing their wisdom.  They can help to unearth and unravel internal blocks so we can begin to explore their origins and the effect they have on our wholeness and well being. These revelations and our own awareness of the process can powerfully foster empowerment as we begin to play an active role in our healing and transformation.  Merging mind, body and spirit through shamanic approaches, intention and relationship to plant spirit, we can begin to see, feel, live and be with more love and more presence.  We can step forward into our truest selves, and like the ready bud, we bloom.

Panel Discussions:

Ayahuasca and Women’s Health
Panelist: Cvita Mamic

Ayahuasca offers distinct contributions to the field of women’s health. At the same time, specific factors should be considered to insure that women are well informed of ways that their experiences with ayahuasca may be optimized or hindered. Specific topics such as ayahuasca and menstruation, safety measures, contra-indications, and after-care will be addressed from multiple perspectives. In addition, a brief overview of general topics such as the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca for eating disorders, fertility, and other women’s health conditions will be covered. This presentation will offer an interactive dialogue between various practitioners and experts in the field. The goal is to offer a well-rounded overview that includes the perspective of different indigenous traditions as well as the lived experience of non-indigenous women that have an established relationship with the tea.

Panelists: Celina M. De Leon, MPH (cand.), Cvita Mamic, Sitaramaya Sita
Moderator: Kenneth Tupper, PhD

Plant Teachers and Entheogenic Learning
Panelist: Cvita Mamic

While much of the interest in the potential benefits of entheogenic plants, fungi and other psychedelic substances has been on their healing or therapeutic properties, this panel will focus on the potential of these substances in learning and education. In indigenous cultures it is commonly believed that one can learn from spirit “teachers” within the plants or mushrooms. With the advent of psychedelic drug use in the modern era, it was claimed that substances such as LSD, psilocybin or mescaline could enhance cognition, stimulate creativity and expand one’s mind. We will explore how there may be educational benefits to the entheogenic or psychedelic experience, and how these kinds of learning might be integrated into modern concepts of knowledge and understanding.

Panelists: Cvita Mamic, Kenneth Tupper, PhD, Sitaramaya Sita
Moderator: Rachel Kann