Emma Lucy Shaw

Emma Lucy Shaw

Born in 1986, in Coventry England, Emma Lucy Shaw became a visionary artist in late 2012 after a life changing experience with the plants of the Peruvian Amazon. Emma was orphaned in her late teens, and her grief guided her to search for something she had forgotten. This started with gaining an BA degree in Archaeology, which took her to the middle east working in both Israel and Palestine and pioneering an archaeological educational summer camp for teenagers in the Palestinian West Bank.

Subsequent to her education, having no home or family, Emma started to live a nomadic life out of circumstance not choice. The nomadic life led her to many beautiful remote locations in Arctic Scandinavia, the Scottish Highlands, the Fjord Gudvangen of Norway and the English Lake District.

While living and working in the house of William Wordsworth’s son, now a small bed and breakfast, she struggled in a below minimum wage lifestyle in a seasonal cycle that seemed hard to break. This struggle pushed her to seek out the tea from the plants she had heard about while grieving for her mother. With this tea she began to draw her visions and therein found peace for the deaths that she experienced at so young and impressionable age.

More About Emma Lucy Shaw:

I was always an artist, all I did as a child was draw, but western culture is uncomfortable with raw creativity. By the time I became an ”adult,”, I had forgotten that but it is what lives within everyones heart.

Break the spells that feed on your mind, we all have the kingdom of heaven locked away inside.

–Emma Lucy Shaw

Mural by Emma Lucy Shaw
Emma Lucy Shaw with her mural Vision Quest, 2015


Enochs Gate by Emma Lucy Shaw
Enoch’s Gate, pastel, wax, gold leaf on paper, 20 x 30 in, 2014


Purge The Hate by Emma Lucy Shaw
Purge The Hate, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 100 in, 2014


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