Graciela Arias Salazar

Graciela Arias Salazar

Graciela Arias Salazar was born in 1978. She studied at the Escuela Superior de Formación Artística “Eduardo Meza Saravia” in Pucallpa, Peru.

She has exhibited many times including in the following group shows:

2009 “Amazon Art” in Luumäki, Finland;
2012 “Contemporary Art Amazonico” in Iquitos, Peru;
2012  “El Milagro Verde-History of Amazonian Painting” Galeria Luis Miroquezada Garland in Lima, Peru; 2013 “Women of the Forest” Centro Cultural de España, Lima, Peru;
2013 “Esplendor de Sirenas” Casa Rimac in Lima, Peru;
2014 VI “National Painting Competition – Central Bank” Lima, Peru;

She has also exhibited in the following solo shows:

2015 “Maker of Dreams” Center Cultural Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru;
2015 “Entrevisiones-Amaz” Miraflores-Lima, Peru

Graciela has received the following awards:

2012 Second Place prize- “PACA” – Contemporary Art Award Amazonico Iquitos, Peru
2013- Mention of Honor V VI “National Painting Competition – Central Bank” Lima, Peru

Her works have been included in various publications and art catalogs, the most significant being the “El Milagro Verde – Historia de la Pintura Amazonica” 2013.

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More About Graciela Arias Salazar:

“The jungle is full of magic and mystery and everyone tries to discover and understand it in their own way. When I paint, I try to understand and convey what I experience through the jungle.”

–Graciela Arias Salazar

Coleccionista de Amores by Graciela Arias Salazar
Coleccionista de Amores, acrylic on linen, 97 x 146 cm, 2013

La Virgen del Capinurí by Graciela Arias Salazar
La Virgen del Capinurí, acrylic on linen, 100 x 120 cm, 2014

Graciela Arias Salazar gallery pic

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