Juan Carlos Taminchi

Juan Carlos Taminchi

Juan Carlos Taminchi is a young Peruvian artist and descendant of the Andean and Amazonian cultures. He was born on July 7, 1985. At eight years old, the surrounding nature drew his attention and stimulated his drawing abilities, and thus opened the possibilities to artistic dreaming. In college, he attended an artistic course that gave him a strong longing to study arts at the Pucallpa School of Arts, where he then became an Art Professor.

From the age of 17, in search of his artistic trend, he discovered the spirit world and sacred plants, which enabled him to deepen his approach to Visionary Art – a sacred and spiritual art given by mother earth. He took part in several exhibits and attended several workshops with other visionary artists in his area. In October 2009, he made his first individual art exhibit that was named “Amazonies” in Paris. After, he acted on behalf of an association of Amazonian painters and sculptors named ONANYATI, which means in Shipibo language “Wisdom from ancestors” and he attended the collective exhibit “Jamais trop d’art” in Tournai, Belgium. He also took part in various exhibitions such as “Third Eyes Gallery”-Boom Festival 2012 in Portugal, “Burning Man 2012”, “Matices de las Americas”, “Moksha Fair Art-2012”- Miami – U.S, “Chimeria 2014”- Sedan, France, and many other exhibitions in Europe and Americas.

Since 2012, he has dedicated himself to serve and share the sacred medicine of Amazonia, lead shamanic art-therapy workshops and collaborate in the growth of AYAM Creation, an eco-conscious clothing brand working with various indigenous tribes in Peru. He is also often invited to do live painting at events and concerts all around the globe.

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Panel Discussion:

Visionary Art – II
Panelist: Juan Carlos Taminchi

Visionary artists will discuss what it means to paint from a visionary perspective, how their visionary experiences influence their work and how medicine emerges through art.

Panelists: Jheferson Saldaña Valera, Juan Carlos Taminchi, Mauro Reátegui Perez, Vajra
Moderator: Amanda Sage


Ayahuasca Visions Painting Workshop

Featuring Peruvian Masters: Anderson Debernardi, Mauro Reátegui Perez & Juan Carlos Taminchi
Saturday, October 3rd at Big Art Church, 10am – 6pm, with a 1 hour lunch break
Please email convergence@plantteachers.com for advance registration

Come with a vision and complete a painting under the guidance of Peruvian Masters students must bring all the materials they need to paint, including canvas, paints, brushes, and easel.

Location: Big Art Church, 4975 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027
Cost: $100
Space is limited.

More About Juan Carlos Taminchi:

My message and mission is to share through painting love and harmony that supports us and the earth and helps to keep alive.
ancestral traditions.

–Juan Carlos Taminchi

Canto al Colibri by Juan Carlos Taminchi
Canto al Colibri, acrylic on canvas, 54 x 38 cm, 2011


Guardian del Futuro by Juan Carlos Taminchi
Guardian del Futuro, acrylic on canvas, 39 x 24, 2009


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