Julie D. Megler, MSN, NP-BC

Julie D. Megler, MSN, NP-BC

Entheogenic First Aid, Risk Minimization & Outcome Optimization.

Julie D. Megler is a board certified nurse practitioner in psychiatry and family medicine. She received her Master’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Miami, Florida and post master’s certificate in psychiatry at the University of California-San Francisco.

Julie maintains licenses in family medicine and psychiatry in an effort to close the gap between medical and psychiatric care, incorporating the mind/body connection for most effective treatment.

She currently is in private practice in the San Francisco/Bay Area.  Her practice focuses on integrative mental health services for emotional and physical well being, as well as integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

In addition to her clinical work, Julie is on the board of ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education) non-profit. She has presented on the topics of psychedelic risk reduction and therapeutic applications of ayahuasca at the Psychedelic Science Conference, The Women’s Visionary Congress, and Detroit’s First Entheogenic Conference.

She has also co-authored chapters in the books Manifesting Minds and The Therapeutic Uses of Ayahuasca.

As an experienced clinician, and activist for the psychedelic movement, Julie is dedicated to educating the community about safety and the therapeutic benefits of entheogens.

Presentation Abstract:

Entheogenic First Aid: How we minimize risk and optimize outcomes

Julie D. Megler is a family and psychiatric nurse practitioner who will review safe practices to support the physical and emotional body when working with medicinal and visionary plants.   Julie will engage the audience in a discussion about important health considerations, as well as suggest self-care techniques for before, during, and after a plant journey.  From the moment we consider entering into communication with these ethnobotanical realms, we have engaged in a ceremony: it begins with our preparation and continues into a lifetime of integration.  Anecdotal reports suggest that much of Western culture has an unconscious disregard of the body.  A magical aspect of plant work is that it offers the opportunity to relearn how to listen to the body, as well as how to engage it in a conversation.  The purpose of this talk is to familiarize individuals with mindful self care practices to enhance emotional and physical well-being when engaging in visionary plant work.