Mitch Schultz

Mitch Schultz

Open Source Reality.

Mitch Schultz began his life journey in Memphis, TN, and has since called Texas, Minnesota, Colorado and New York City home. From an early age, his love of anything curiously unusual fueled his path as a transmedia producer and changemaker.

Mitch’s work explores the inherent connections between consciousness, nature, culture, and the evolving human story. The confluence of art, information and technology was a perfect storm for the germination of ideas that continue to inspire his work. Most recently, Mitch created MYTHAPHI: a multi-platform user experience outlining a new paradigm for consciousness and mythology.

He holds a BS in Radio-Television-Film from UT Austin and an MFA in interactive media from New York University’s ITP.


Presentation Abstract:

Open Source Reality: Emergence of a Meta-Myth

As complexity continues grow, the evolution of consciousness imparts new relationships to our understanding of reality, revealing the emergence of a new human story. Let’s explore an open source approach to humanity’s collective knowledge, and remix our narratives to create deeply layered allegories that recontextualize reality. How can we imagine an evolving meta-myth that influences systemic change through transmedia storytelling?

Language governs all facets of life, but embodies more than the written and spoken word. It manifests through the conscious and unconscious mind, represented as numbers, played as music, coded as digital software, and much more. So, how do we shed light on some of the inadequacies inherent in our current consciousness model and provide alternates?

Let’s re-code the matrix through active participation and questioning reality. How, what and why is it happening? What is the link between consciousness, nature, visionary plants and language?

How can we encourage shifts in perspective and enhance our collective ability to communicate with the Universe? I suggest that we be curious, ask questions, trust our instincts, and rewrite the rules before we know them. Play with the malleable world. We can then move toward mysticism, wisdom and practicality existing in harmony.

Film Screening:


Mitch Schultz (director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule & MYTHAPHI founder) and Aubrey Marcus ( & Onnit founder) collaborated to bring you this mesmerizing experience. A group of friends visit Peru to learn about the sacred plant medicine Huachuma, also known as San Pedro cactus. The ceremonial use of Huachuma for healing, magical, and divining purposes has been a continuous tradition in Perú for well over 3,000 years and still continues today at Spirit Quest in the Amazon basin. Step into the world of HUACHUMA.

More About Mitch Schultz

Hack consciousness, hack reality! — Mitch Schultz

Visit MYTHAPHI: a multi-platform user experience outlining a new paradigm for consciousness and mythology.


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