Susana Bustos, PhD

Susana Bustos, PhD

Integration and Rooting the Teachings in Daily Life.

Susana Bustos, PhD, is a transpersonal counselor, professor of psychology, and independent researcher on entheogenic shamanic traditions of the Americas.

Her main body of research and clinical work has focused on Peruvian Amazonian Vegetalismo practices, particularly on the effects of song (icaros) and plant diets on healing processes, as well as on the integration of experiences with plant medicines in ordinary life.

She teaches courses on entheogenic shamanism and research at the California Institute of Integral Studies, co-leads groups into the Amazon rainforest, and holds a private practice in Berkeley, CA.



Presentation Abstract:

Integration: Rooting the plant teachings in daily life

The afterglow of a positive ayahuasca experience subsides sooner or later, whether changes install themselves organismically in us or we witness in dismay the creeping in of the same old repetitive patterns. But what makes a difference? How can we consciously work towards the embodiment of the plant teachings, the healing, the openings gained?

Informed by my clinical experience on the crossroads of entheogens and therapeutic change, in this presentation I discuss the process of integration, its stages, challenges and pitfalls, and offer concrete steps and alternatives to supporting the “building of bridges” into ordinary reality. Guidelines are offered to identify when the process may require specialized support, and what are some of the available options in these cases.

Panel Discussion:

Shamanism: Icaros & Sound Healing
Panelist: Susana Bustos, PhD

Icaros, sacred songs of the plants, sound vibrations, and music as mechanisms for facilitating shamanic experience, effecting healing, clearing negative energies, will be discussed by the panelists.

Panelists: Richard Grossman, PhD, Russell Feingold, Susana Bustos, PhD, Tony Moss
Moderator: Ayasmina Flores, JD


Icaros: Singing the Powers of Nature

Monday, September 28th at Big Art Church, 9:30am – 1:00pm

Using sound, image, sharing, and experiential learning and practice, we will immerse ourselves into an in-depth exploration of the icaros. We will inquire into: (1) how are these shamanic songs understood, acquired, and used in Peruvian Vegetalismo?; (2) what their impact is on experience in a ceremonial container; (3) what are the musical and non-musical factors that shed light on their effects?; and (4) how we can tune-in into effective icaro singing ourselves. You will view images and listen to original field recordings from Amazonian shamans.

This workshop is 3.5 hours and will be a multi-faceted, multi-sensory experience with audio-visual components, including recordings.

Cost: $100
Space is limited.

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