Todd Youngs

Todd Youngs

Ayahuasca as Catalyst for the 12 Steps.

Todd is 48 years old and a recovering alcoholic and addict with 6 years of blessed sobriety. He believes his Higher Power working through Ayahuasca and the 12 Steps made that miracle possible. Todd has a day job managing a couple of small kiosks which keeps a roof over his head and provides nourishment for his physical body. But he reckons that the real joys and meaning in his life come from working within a dynamic recovery community and helping others to overcome their addictions, and to experience renewed life. He is a joyful member of the Santo Daime Path.

Todd was born in Germany and has lived most of his adult life between Seattle, Washington and various locales in Missouri. He was at one time an aspiring musician as well as college student but fell into some extremely bad habits along the way which seriously undermined those creative activities. New life in sobriety has allowed him to redeem some of those many lost years by playing music for personal pleasure and in praise of the Divine. His scholarly interests, while not professional, have received deep breaths of rejuvenating fresh air, and are alive and well.


Presentation Abstract:

The Evolution of Addiction Recovery:
Ayahuasca as Catalyst for the 12 Steps

The preamble to the 12 Steps as they are originally found begins this way:
“Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our Path”.

Undoubtedly, the key word in this sentence is “thoroughly” , and it is also the most elusive.  I think that many might agree that the 12 Steps have the power to dramatically and beautifully transform a life when they are fully embraced. But finding a sufficient amount of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to actually take these Steps in their entirety is almost impossibly hard even for those most desperately in need of them.

This Presentation will look at how Ayahuasca can, when carefully guided,  act as a powerful catalyst for deep and effective 12 Step Recovery work. The observations, comments, and insights are rooted in my own personal recovery experience from opiates, alcohol, and cocaine that began May 9th, 2009, after more than 2 decades of bona-fide addiction. I have been fully immersed in the ritual use of Ayahuasca, and in 12 Step Process and Fellowship for 6 years now and have discovered them to be perfect, natural allies in the quest for enduring sobriety and serenity.

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 “Now is always the right time to put something positive in your mind”
— Curtis Mayfield

If you are broken, bound, and bruised, and living in the dark purgatory of addiction, come on in, open your heart and surrender to Love. It can change your life. I promise.