Vicki Kraft, MA, MFT

Vicki Kraft, MA, MFT

Magic, Mystery & Our Daily Lives.

Vicki Kraft, MA, MFT is the leader of the Flor da Mãe Divina (Flower of the Divine Mother) Santo Daime Church in Southern California. With her leadership, it is the first church in the State of California to be granted legal rights for the sacramental use of Ayahuasca in the religious setting.

Vicki has been a member of the Santo Daime for 16 years. Vicki has her Masters Degree in clinical psychology. In addition to being a spiritual and religious leader, Vicki works as a licensed Marriage and Family therapist helping people to integrate their profound inner journey work experiences into their daily lives.

Vicki has many years of doing her own personal growth work, lots of life experience and wisdom to share being a mother, grandmother, sister, friend and community builder.



Presentation Abstract:

Magic, Mystery and Our Daily Lives

In this presentation, we will discuss the benefits of expanded consciousness through the use of sacred plant medicines and explore some ways we can extend this awareness into our daily lives. Many times challenging material comes up in our experiences.  We may cry, purge or revisit a past trauma.  We will explore how doing integration work, outside of ceremony with a therapist can help you to deepen the experience and gain clarity so you can extend the altered state into your daily life.

The actual personal growth work happens in-between the altered states of awareness.  How do you take what you receive in the visionary experience and apply that to your relationships and everything you experience in the material world?  We will explore the importance of psychotherapy and why it is helpful.  It has been said that working with Ayahuasca one time can be like going to therapy for 10 years.  But what occurs for some people may need processing to bring it together.  The actual sacred ceremony fulfills something therapy cannot and vice versa.  We will explore the advantage of the magic and mystery of medicinal plant teachers and therapy working together.

Vicki will also give a brief explanation of her Santo Daime experience over the years and will share how she got to where she is in her personal life, professional life and how she came to pursue and obtain the legalization of her Santo Daime practice in California.