Yalila Espinoza, PhD, RSW

Yalila Espinoza, PhD, RSW

Yalila Espinoza, PhD, RSW, serves as an intimacy coach and integrative health educator guiding consciousness explorers back to their hearts and sexual vitality. For the last 10 years she has been engaged in academic studies, journeying with Amazonian plant teachers, and diverse trainings in sexuality and tantra.

A Spiritual Erotic Awakening model, comprised of body centered practices to enhance sensual liberation, was inspired by Yalila’s PhD research on the erotic intelligence of plant teachers. She offers individual and group sessions to support entheogenic integration as well as a ‘Mind Your Heart’ program for business leaders.

More information is at yalila.com and mindyourheart.ooo.



Presentation Abstract:

Erotic Vines: Plant teachers + Tantric Initiations = Authentic Relationships

This presentation is founded upon Yalila’s PhD research on the shamanic tradition of vegetalismo and the erotic intelligence of Amazonian plant teachers. When our energy centers are purified and activated by plant teachers, our daily experience of sexuality can be expanded. This multi-dimensional transformation involving physical sensations, verbal teachings, and/or visuals can occur on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Yalila will discuss erotic intelligence and tantric initiations; how plant teachers can heal sexual trauma and enhance sexual vitality; and how entheogens can teach the mind to be in service to the heart. This talk will also encourage us to think about what is possible for our intimate relationships when the brilliance of the mind is aligned with the power of the heart and how we can join in manifesting a vision that highlights embodied wisdom, empowered sexual liberation for all beings and that affirms the erotic nature of reality.


Erotic Vines: Embodied Integration For Authentic Intimacy in Your Relationships

Monday, September 28th at Big Art Church, 3:00am – 6:00pm

This workshop is a follow up exploration of Yalila’s talk at the Visionary Convergence Conference. Join her and co-participants in an opportunity to share sexual stories that you have experienced with entheogens and also learn practical techniques to:

  1. tap into your six senses
  2. purify energetic channels & align these energies
  3. enhance sensual awareness & imagination

Life long benefits:

  • lift your energy & sexual health
  • liberate yourself in relationships
  • learn how to honor entheogens

This workshop will be 3.5 hours and take place seated in a circle in an atmosphere of comfort and confidentiality

Dr. Espinoza is facilitating this workshop at a deeply reduced cost as an offering to the community that we may join in manifesting a vision that highlights embodied wisdom, empowered sexual liberation for all beings and that affirms the erotic nature of reality.

Cost: $50 (10% of proceeds will be donated to MAPS & HeartMath)
Space is limited.

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More About Yalila Espinoza

You are part of the Great Mother
The Mother is always with you
Let yourself fill with the energy
of Great Mother and each time
you enliven Her presence within you
the Great Mothers are everywhere
waiting for your call
Let the walls of your small self begin to soften
Let it soften and expand into the great Self that you are
You are at one with the Mother
You are at one with Love
You are at one with all Life
— author unknown

Personal Journey

Intense initiatory experiences including the loss of my birth parents at the age of 6, recovering from severe physical & sexual abuse as a child, and the sudden death of my partner when I was 33 catapulted me onto a path of remembering how to trust being in my body and in the world. I travelled to Peru to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies wondering if I could be nursed back to a sense of hopefulness about the future. I was surprised to experience healing on multiple levels including a process of honoring my Ecuadorian ancestry.  The realm of plant teachers has had profound impact in my emotional, spiritual, and professional life. I am abundantly grateful for the dream that spirit led me to the mysterious realm of vegetalismo.

Plant teachers are my spiritual guides. Liberated sensual pleasure is my inspiration. Sonic spirals are my path.

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