Jeremy Narby, PhD

Jeremy Narby, PhD

A Dialogue About Ayahuasca.

Joining us via Skype.

Jeremy Narby, PhD, grew up in Canada and Switzerland, studied history at the University of Kent at Canterbury, and received his doctorate in anthropology from Stanford University.

He works as Amazonian projects director for Swiss NGO Nouvelle Planète.

He is the author of several books, including “The cosmic serpent: DNA and the origins of knowledge” (New York: Penguin/Tarcher, 1998).




Presentation Abstract:

A Dialogue About Ayahuasca

In service to the community of people participating in Visionary Convergence,  Jeremy will join us via a live Skype feed, and will answer questions and offer his views in an interactive dialogue on the current ayahuasca landscape, including risks, opportunities and contradictions. Twenty years after the initial publication of “The Cosmic Serpent”, and ten years after “Intelligence in Nature”, Jeremy is a wealth of knowledge about the Amazonian plant experience and about the situation of indigenous Amazonian people. As an anthropologist, he has traveled extensively in the Peruvian Amazon, in his work as projects coordinator for Swiss NGO “Nouvelle Planète”, backing indigenous initiatives to bring land titling, bilingual education, health services, legal training and sustainable activities such as fish farming and forestry to indigenous communities. Empowering the indigenous people of the Amazon in their struggle to preserve their territories and cultures includes taking their plant knowledge seriously.